Unicon Universal for Trading & equipments, we are sole agents for more than 20 leading garage equipments manufacturers, our company was established in 1990.

We are considered to be a leading company in Egpt in the field of garage equipment and in developing business solutions for these equipment to meet our clients expectations .


Police Service Center

One of our latest news is that  we just finished the police test line project for trucks & buses, where this complete test line will be used for general inspection of brake, suspension side slip, Ac service, head light tester & gas analyzing system in buses for road safety procedures. knowing that this test line considered to be the first one in Egypt.

Fastest wheel alignment ever

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Aladin Show Room


We just supplied one of the 3 greatest parking system in the world to aladin show room. the parking system has 5 stops lift to raise the cars from basement to the 4th floor for about more than 15 meter.



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