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Ac equipments


Mac 32 For Passenger Cars


The mac 32: The fully automatic passenger car system with display, printer and optional injection of contrast dye (mac 32 UV)..


The mac 32 is your fully automatic entry-level machine for air-conditioning service work. Current process steps are shown on the LCD display and a full print-out is delivered at the end of the process.


Key features:


Fully automatic machine with gauge for high, low and flask
Recovery, reprocessing, drainage of used oil, vacuum, injection of fresh oil (optional addition of contrast dye) and filling are fully automatic without operator intervention, but all processes can be manually controlled step by step, if required
LCD display shows current process status
An electronic weighing system, measures the amount of recovered old oil allowing new oil to be added automatically. Alternatively a predetermined amount of new oil can be preset.
Warning for high pressure, empty and full refrigerant flask
Adjustable vacuum period
Service period every 150 kilograms of recovered refrigerant (or yearly). A filter change ensures consistent purity of the refrigerant
Automatic warming of flasks permits filling at low outside
Safety cutout operates if pressure rises above 17.5 bar during recovery
Ticket printer for information on recovered and refilled quantities of refrigerant and oil and the vacuum period
Automatic release of non-compressible gases (air)..


Mac 35 For Trucks


mac 35: for trucks and buses: the fully-automatic all-purpose machine with two compressors..


The mac 35 is a servicing unit for all air-conditioning systems with an R134a refrigerant volume greater than 3 kg.
Filling is carried out by means of a screwtype compressor..


Performance features:


27 kg refrigerant flask built in with a maximum content of 24 kg.
Filling compressor, but no flask heating system
Vacuum period adjustable up to 999 minutes..


The Mac diagnostic & accessory kits.


Mac 20: A small, handy diagnostic unit for quick identification of problems in the air conditioning system.


You can offer efficient air-conditioning diagnostic as part of your service, using the Mac 20 handheld unit. The display shows the probable malfunction and a recommended solution based on analysis of the pressure values, the difference between inside and outside temperatures and the compressor switching frequency. Between one and three possible problems within the system and recommended solutions are displayed. During diagnosis there is a graphics print-out of high and low pressures in the air conditioning system.


Diagnosis examples:


No refrigerant in system
Excess refrigerant in system
Suction line blocked
Magnetic clutch defective
Compressor defective
System iced up
Air in system
System OK.