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Painting Equipments

Spray Booth


 The ideal environment for painting ,it provides you with:.


-Flexibility, which satisfies the most complex requirements
-The traditional compact-shaped booths with a sober design
-Low energy consumption
-Versatile in their lightning system
-Complying with safety standards
-Prearranged for the installation of extraction units


Preparation Area


Preparation area Unit designed to rationalize the working system. It combines partialness and running cost saving with a not less important health safeguard for the people involved in the operation phases.

From the most simple suction bay to the most complete station with filter ceiling, its functionality becomes essential for sanding and preparation operations of vehicles or parts of them, before being sprayed.

With a filter ceiling enabling a full air change, preparation stations allow to functionally organize the work flow by performing the required operations in the same area, in order to avoid moving vehicles continuously


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The 2-in-1 Gun Cleaner


The Drester 9000-TT-S is a top of the range Gun Cleaner that combines innovative thinking, functionality, user-friendliness and high quality associated with all Drester Gun Cleaners. This smart, reliable and high performing machine will meet all your needs for cleaning spray guns and other tools.
The left side of the machine cleans and rinses automatically and, in addition, it has a manual wash facility.
The manual cleaning section to the right has a brush for pre-wash and a nozzle in the lid for clean rinse. The enclosed sunken wash basins avoid splashing and minimize solvent loss and hazardous vapors..


Suspended Rail Dryers for the Spraybooth


Field of application.


IRT Suspended Rail Dryers are the ultimate equipment for
fast Advantages and efficient spot repair on all kinds of paint material. Used in the spray booth they can cure any paint spot repair in a matter of minutes.



Using efficient IRT heaters hanging from overhead rails in
the spray booth will increase your energy saving dramatically.
At the same time throughput can often be doubled. All translating into increased profitability and short pay-back time.