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Ac equipments

Air Conditioning equipment with the long historical technologies of Beissbarth on the range of garage equipment...Read More

Body Repair

impulse™ is engineered and built with maximum performance and quality in mind. ... Read More


Car Care

From Italy we have the full range of car care machines covering cleaning, Shampooing and waxing series and on top of all the deodorizing services to keep your car clean and shining....Read More

Car parking systems

The BIPARK is controlled by an Electro-Hydraulic Pump equipped with a “dead man” presence Push Button Board, which can be easily positioned
as desired....Read More



Scan tools are the new wave of cars diagnostic tools a simply connection can find the fault in no time ....Read More

Exhaust system

To keep your investment on your man power and to help the environment to stay healthy and clean by sucking the smoke from the work shops via Exhaust lines and motors....Read More


Gas analyzing

To comply with the new regulation of the traffic we work hard to bring you the best we can of gas and smoke analyzing equipments.

...Read More

High Pressure
& Vacuum Cleaners

Industrial and high performance hot and clod high pressure cleaner and durable vacuum cleaner wet and dry...Read More



Portable and stationeries lubrication equipments are available from the most famous companies in the world ...Read More


Wide range of all kind of lifts needed for the service centers two ( 2 ) and ( 4 ) four post lifts with various capacity of loads to meet all needs of car lifts a side from scissor lifts and single and twin hydraulic lifts for car cleaning services , we are only supply best and demandable lifts ....Read More


Tire service

Best guaranteed German equipment from Beissbarth with more than one hundred ( 100 ) year of experience on wheel alignment , balancers , tire changers and test lines to assure low cost of maintenance with the best quality you can buy...Read More

Painting equipments

The ideal environment of car painting to avoid paints failure .
CMC is one of the leading companies on this product....Read More


Vehicles inspection

Enter into the world of generating new offers. Complete networking in  Test line software as well as an interface for commercial operating software.

...Read More

Car Wash

The fully automatic car washing machine and washing tunnels from ISTOBAL of Spain which is one of the leading companies in the world on this range ....Read More